Saturday, September 3, 2011

Has Fall Arrived????

   No,not officially til September 23 this year but....  
    The weather is finally cooling off,and I cant wait for the leaves to start falling off the trees! We were going to sit outside on the front porch tonight to eat ice cream cones a s a family and everyone ran outside before I could finish what I was doing then before I even made it out they were shivering and whining about how cold it was and could they please come back in??? What the heck? so I stepped outside and sure enough it was way too cold,Nick and the girls came back inside and ate their ice cream under thick fuzzy blankets :) Daisy even asked to have her corn bag warmed up at bedtime and again when she woke to go potty lol
   Nick is getting so excited that Halloween is just around the corner,he has been buying all kinds of Halloween decorations at both the thrift stores and Dollar Stores.I have never decorated for Halloween so this is going to be a new experience for me,heck I'm not sure I have ever even carved a pumpkin on my own lol.I grew up in a very conservative,religious family where Holidays,especially Halloween were not celebrated.So,I am finding out all kinds of fun things now that I have my own kids and we are trying to make our own family traditions.we are trying to make each and every Holiday fun and memorable,after all we only live once!

Pretend Makeup 2

   This is what Daisy's purse looks like when it spills :)

Tired of Shit,Literally....

   I'm absolutely desperate to figure out a way Lilly cannot get her diaper and clothes off.She is pretty much potty trained with only the occasional accident with poop.However,she will NOT stop pooping and peeing all over the floor in her bedroom! Almost every morning she has done one,the other,or both and I am getting so sick of cleaning up poop off my carpets and walls :( Last week I shampooed her room and redid it a few times ,and since then she has made such a mess of it all again :(
   It is all behavior,I know she can hold it,whenever I go into her room (first thing in morning or nap) she laughs in my face and says proudly "I pooped on your floor" she says it in a high sing song voice like she is trying to torment me!grrrrrr

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lillian Update 2

   I'm exhausted today.Lilly was awake and throwing her first horrendous fit by 7:45 am this morning...Gee,what a way to start the day lol I have no clue what even set her off because she had just woke up and when I opened her door she was screaming,I promptly shut the door and left the room until all was quiet for a good ten minutes.It took her approximately 20 minutes to calm down,when I reentered her room it looked like a tornado had went thru it,completely trashed.I haven't gotten it cleaned up again yet,was saving the task for after nap so if it happens again at least she can have a clean room for the afternoon and evening.
   Last week,I took her tv out of her room,packed up almost all of the toys,took out her dresser and clothes and removed anything she could completely destroy or get hurt on.Of course she has her bed and pillows and blankets,but refuses to sleep in the bed and sleeps on a blanket on the floor,even after I tuck her into her beautiful log bed my dad made for her,with her beautiful handmade kitten quilt with matching pillowcases and curtains I made for her room :( I guess I can take solace in the fact that at least she is sleeping on her kitten quilt on the floor lol
   It makes me so sad to see my little girl such a mess,even now as I'm typing the tears are running down my face because its so hard to see such a perfect child on the outside and wonder what is going on inside,in my mind disabilities such as Autism are so much harder than physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy.I have worked with severely physically disabled children since I was 17 years old,and this is by far the hardest child I have ever worked with.Funny how that works beings she is my own biological child whom I love and adore with all my heart.
   I couldn't even begin to imagine my life with out my girls,I would be so lost without them to fill the dull moments in my life.I love them so much,everything about them.I love spending time with them,teaching them different things,taking them to the park,reading stories,praying together,baking together,I even enjoy cleaning their rooms and doing their laundry.Yes,being a mum is definitely the hardest full time job I ever had,but I wouldn't change it for all the money in the world.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is it Socially Unacceptable?

   I feel like the meanest Mommy in the world.This is a huge battle,is it even worth it? Her teeth are already ruined,and honestly I don't care if a pacifier at 2 1/2 is socially unacceptable or not.
   Lilly's uncontrollable rages are getting worse every day (today I think she has had 4).There is nothing I can do except sit and watch her throwing herself into walls,slamming herself onto the floor and screaming/sobbing (at same time) for no apparent reason!
   Once it was because I woke the girls up from their nap to go to the park this afternoon.
   Once it was because I asked her to go potty before nap,once because I put a clean pull up on her,and the last time I cant even remember.Honestly most of the time by the time she decides to end her fit I cant even remember what set her off,it is getting that bad.
   I have tried to wrap her in her blankie and hold her,she head butts me and tries to slam her head into my face,I have tried to ignore her but she continues,I have put her in time out she just continues and becomes worse,I have put her in on her bed and she trashes her room
   I'm at a loss as what to do,nothing seems to be working and taking her paci away seems to be making it all worse.
   Does anyone have any suggestions?
   Is it really that bad for a 2 1/2 yr old with special needs to have a pacifier 24/7? I hate the darn thing but I'm beginning to hate these rages much more than paci!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pretend Makeup

   In our "big girl" time today I decided to make the girls each a little makeup kit.I got out some old dollar store makeup that we had used for different thing,I scraped all the old makeup out and scrubbed the containers.After air drying I laid them out on the counter

 then I carefully poured fingernail polish into each of the containers,making all different colored "lip gloss" and "foundation"

Then we put them beside a fan and have been blow drying them all day to get them completely dry before the girls play with them.(You could also just brush a coat over the container to color it)The girls are so excited they cannot contain themselves.I have my fingers crossed they will be completely dry by morning and they can finally play with them and put them in their purses :)

Bye Bye Pacifier

   I have a confession to make...
   Lilly is 2 1/2 years old and still has a pacifier...well still had a pacifier til this morning.Because I am a lazy mama.I didn't want to her her whine and cry over not having it,I didn't want to see her sad or upset we tried the whole nap time and bedtime only and somehow she still constantly had one in her mouth basically at all times.This morning I was trying to understand something she kept saying and I realized she is lisping really bad even without the paci,I didn't want to be the mean one and take it away, and I can barely even understand her anymore!Blah,we have worked so hard for months getting her speech to where it is Ill be damned if I lose it over a freaking pacifier!
   I went to drastic measures this morning!The girls went through the whole house and a pacifier search,they brought all the pacis they could find and we put them in a bowl together,and I lied to my kid! I told Lilly that there were little baby fairies that needed the pacis way up in the sky and that Tinkerbell was going to come get all the pacis and take them to the baby fairies and Lost Boys way up in the sky.She went along with the plan willingly when after I told her since she was a big girl and gave the babies her pacis we were gonna go big girl shopping for lip gloss and princess high heels,she was all over it!Those are her two loves,lip gloss and high heels (and she owned neither lol)As of tonight she did really well at nap time with no paci and went right to sleep,I was amazed.Tonight she was a little harder to convince but I reminded her Tinkerbell had taken them away while we went big girl shopping (ok,I lied again,they re up in the tippy toppest cupboard,I was scared I would want to give in) and she went to bed and WENT TO SLEEP!!!!yes,she cried and demanded her paci but she fell asleep without it!I so do not feel like giving in anymore!