Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Morning Ramblings

   It has been another busy,busy week.Trying to keep up with everything that is going on around me lol.
   Daisy's big dance performance is coming up next month,so we are trying to keep up with class and practicing at home,She also started attending a children's Bible group once a week,she LOVES it!This week they learned a bible verse,played games,had a snack,colored pictures and planted an Iris for her to bring home and water through the winter.She was soooo excited!
   Lilly has been doing a little better,things seem to be mellowing out for the moment,she has her BIG appointment with an Autism Specialist the beginning of November,so we are looking forward to that,with both excitement and fear.I know no diagnosis will change my daughter or how I feel about her,however knowing the different diagnosis (es) would be beneficial in terms of therapy and possibly future medications.
   We pretty much skipped fall here and went right into winter,several weeks ago we got 4 inches of snow,it didnt last long before it melter but it was fun while it lasted lol
   I have gotten back into the "I hate leaving my house" mode again so I have been getting alot accomplished.I have sewed 5 sweater dresses in the past week for the girls,so they are really excited about them and wear them constantly.I have alot of issues keeping clothes on Lilly especially but with these dresses BOTH girls stay dressed ALL day which is a HUGE accomplishment in my house!
   My computer still will not let me post pictures from my camera which is a huge pain in hte tush,so I have been trying to upload all pictures from my phone but its a pain too lol so Im really sorry about no pictures today,maybe later!
   Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sewing Winter Sweater Dresses

   I have been busy sewing winter sweater dresses for the girls,so far I have sewed 3 since yesterday :) they are so much fun!I got a huge stack of beautiful name brand sweaters at a thrift store for only $1 each!There are all different colors,from oranges and browns to pink and silver.This was my first time at converting sweaters into dresses for the girls so I didnt take pictures but I do want to do a tutorial for you all,they are so simple but beautiful!The further I go the more fancy I have been getting lol they girls totally love them!Daisy's beautiful orange fall dress is in the laundry so Ill post pics later :)These pics arent the best cuz theyre off my phone but they will have to do.

Fall Craft

   Sorry I didnt get any pics except of finished product :)We drew out leaves on sandpaper and colored them and cut them out(I saw this on another blog,Im sorry I cant remember who you are to give you credit!)