Saturday, November 5, 2011


   I hurt my back somehow.I think maybe I pulled muscle or something?It hurts like the dickens,so today it is relax and take it easy,except for one thing....

   This man is going to be here putting on a free concert tonight!I have always wanted to see Carman and Im really hoping we can make it!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lillian Update

   Lilly has been sick off and on for 6 days now.Alternating between horrendous diarreah and vomiting.The fever seems to be gone for now,I had finally decided maybe she was better til tonight....She threw up all over her bedroom floor,I have cleaned up enough yucky stuff this week to last me awhile,but hey,at least she figured out to get out of bed and vomit on the floor(I just put all clean bedding on her bed tonight!) lol Im getting worried because this seems so out of character for her,but since she cannot tell me what is wrong I have been trying to guess,giving motrin,7up,pedialyte,at different times.Poor girl,breaks Mommys heart when either of them are sick :(  ( Lilly not feeling well this week)

   On a happier note Lilly is finally seeing a Pediatric Developmental Specialist on Thursday,the specialize in Autism,Developmental Delays,and Sensory Issues.I am very excited for this appointment and I so hope I am not disappointed in the doctor.I hope and pray they finally have some answers for us.I almost think the hardest special needs have to be the unknown ones that nobody has answers for.I have struggled for almost 3 years with some pretty strange stuff with Lilly and begged our Ped for answers he doesnt have,its frustrating to say the least!
   We had a playdate with a friend yesterday (I truly thought Lilly was well again or I never ever would have taken her out!)whose little boy is 14 months younger than Lilly and it was kind of upsetting to see that Lilly is pretty much on the exact same age level developmentally other than the fact that Lilly can talk more (if she chooses to) but other than that she layed on tne floor and played with a couple small toys but setting them in a frisbee,or sitting in my lap.
   I have been watching her closely the past month or so,well ever since I went to a big Autism conference,and its so hard to describe her except she is-Lilly lol my little girl who has a few very strange quirks and is anti social lol.Some days I try to will myself into believing its all in my head but then something happens and it all just slaps me hard in the face (usually at like 2:30am) when I wake up to feces all over the floor and wall,her face,hairbed,everything.Nights like that in the past I sat down and cry,and I beg God why? Why my little girl?Why me?I think I have finally gotten to a point in my life that I just thank God for giving her to me and for not taking her away the different times she has quit breathing or been so sick.Honestly I struggled in the beginning,dont get me wrong,I always loved her with all my heart but it was extremely hard to bond with a new baby that never slept or quit screaming.There were days,many days I laid her in her crib and shut the door and went and took a hot shower or listened to music for a few moments just to get calmness in my heart.I still have days like that,but they are much fewer and farther in between,I have learned how to cope with the stress,not like before when we were barely surviving.
   First of all,I always get up and shower and dress BEFORE I get the girls up.I need that little bit of time to pamper myself before I start my day.
   Secondly,the girls lay down for 2 hours EVERY afternoon,I need that time in the middle of the day to relax or get caught up on things,have a hot latte,and some days I take a short nap.I wouldnt let myself nap for the longest time because I told myself I was wasting precious time I could be using to scrub the kitchen floor or fold laundry,I have learned if Im exhausted it is ok to nap so I am refreshed when the girls wake.
   Thirdly,bedtime is at 7pm EVERY night unless it is a very very special occasion like Halloween or Performance night (for Daisy).Not only does that give me and Nick time alone to spend together relaxing it also keeps Lilly on a tight schedule and she seems to do much better that way.She will now bring me her blanket at betime and ask to go to bed if I am even running a few minutes late.
   Fourthly,I have learned to say NO when people call me and ask me to do something or give someone a ride,if Im feeling overwhelmed I now say "No,Im sorry I cant today" this was a very,very hard one for me because I have always over extended myself for other people and I have realized my girls and my home now must be my top priority.
   Alot of days I feel like poor Daisy gets cheated out of time that should be set aside for just her so on occasions I have been getting Daisy up from Nap early or letting her stay up a little later after Lilly goes to bed,Some nights I lay in her bed with her and just spend time talkign with her and enjoying her,I always want her to know how much I love her.She was such a good girl today even I was surprised lol she sat and snuggled with Lilyl while they watched Happy Feet (Lillys favorite movie)even tho it wasnt her choice of movie then she helped me pick uup all the toys and make Lillys bed fro her.I love Daisys sweet caring spirit,she is so much fun to be around.

HELP! Why cant I post comments?

  I seriously cannot post comments on mine or anyone Else's blog still.I cannot figure it out.No matter how I log in it says I don't have permission to even post comments on my own page?Has anyone else had this problem?Do you know how to fix it????

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Poor Lilly

   Poor Lilly has not been feeling well for a couple days

she was throwing up yesterday and then had horrendous diarrhea all night.I washed all of her bedding and blankie,scrubbed carpets,and bathed her multiple times since last night.I'm exhausted,but Daisy has dance tonight and she kind of cannot afford to miss it because her huge performance is in a couple weeks so practice times are limited and now we are down for the count!
   So hoping for a better night tonight for all of us!Nick went and got her some pedialyte and she is enjoying it so I suppose that is good,I hate giving her artificial sugary stuff like that but she needs to gain her energy back and be well hydrated.
   We got about 8 inches of snow last night and it is supposed to snow again tonight so Im debating of whether or not I should go get groceries to stock up or not today.I really dont  want to drag poor Lilly out although the weather is beautiful right now so maybe I should anyhow lol not to mention I need to stock up on a few medical items such as tummy meds,motrin,tylenol,pedialyte,cough drops etc.It would be nicest to be prepared for sickness unlike last
   I cut out 2 more sweater dresses for the girls last nightbetween scrubbing the floor and bathing Lilly lol I hope to sew them tonight while the girls are in bed,they have quickly become a favorite in our house!Not only for the girls but for me as well!I love to sew them they are so quick and easy and the girls always look so sweet in them with tights,and they are sooo versatile!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


   Halloween was sooooo much fun!
   The girls loved every freaking second of it,and let me tell you they are pretty darn good at conning ppl out of their candy!Some how they brought home about 10lb of this stuff!

   Daisy went as Rapunzel from the movie Tangled

   Lilly went as Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ

   We carved 4 pumpkins then forgot to take pictures lol So I went and snapped a pic of one of them on the porch in the snow,it actually looks quite pretty sitting out there tonight :)
   All in all I would say Halloween was a success this year everyone had tons of fun!

Happy November 1st!

    ITS NOVEMBER 1st!!!!

   It was a beautiful,warm fall day.We were all dressed pretty lightly when we went out,the girls and I only wore jeans and long sleeved t shirts,there was no need for jackets and Im telling you,for fall it was BEAUTIFUL!Then tonight the weather took a drastic turn for the worse!Now,it looks like this outside!

   We are predicted to get at least another 8 inches tonight!Im afraid its gonna be a harsh winter  for all us here.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

my how time flies

   Hard to believe tomorrow is already Halloween isn't it?The candy bowl is ready,girls costumes are ready,pumpkins carved the,house is decorated,fog machine is ready and,now just down for the wait til tomorrow evening.We havent decided if we are going out and about yet or not.The weather has been very calm since the last blizzard(we got 12 inches!)most of the snow has already melted but the evenings are pretty chilly now.
   This is the first time we have ever went all out for Halloween,i was raised in a home where the only holiday we celebrated was Christmas and birthdays,so it has been a bit of a struggle for me to get into the mood,but I think I have finally made it!
   Tonight Nick and I are going to have a mini-at-home-date after the girls are asleep,I'm excited to be able to spend time with him alone as we have been ever so busy lately :)
    I Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!(I so fell in love with this pic lol)