Friday, November 5, 2010

Epilepsy,Seizures,and Migraines

   Another day has arrived!I have so much on to do on my never ending list of tasks needing to be completed.I still have dishes from last nights dinner to wash,laundry to do,cleaning that has patiently waited for the past few days,etc
   I have been struggling alot the past week or so with migraines and my epilepsy,so I have been having to take my meds more often than usual.I really hate how they are making me irritable and feel like a walking zombie and yet still trying to complete normal everyday mum tasks.The girls have been pretty patient about it all but I know its getting hard for them as well.I am hoping to find a natural remedy to help with my seizures,if I can control  them I can limit the migraines since they are all connected
   Lilly is not sleeping at all anymore,I have never met a child who can go for days without sleep like Lilly does,I just don't understand,so we have really been working on "if you cant sleep that is OK but you still need to stay in bed,without kicking the wall" lol I don't know how much of it her 22 month old mind is getting,but hey that's the point right?Here is a pic I snapped of her in her bed where she was "supposed" to be in timeout...


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daisy's New Dress

   My sewing machine has been hard at work all day on various projects!I am so pleased to have the sleeves for the dance performance nearly complete,all seven sets are sewed and ironed just waiting to be fitted with elastic and completed.The three corsage pieces for another class are nearly ready to be assembled and then I am finally free to sew and create to my hearts content without worrying about time lines!
   Daisy's winter wardrobe got a new addition today,in between my sleeves I managed to sew her a soft pink flannel butterfly jumper.She is really thrilled with the fact that I even added her a pocket,trimmed with white eyelet lace :)

   I have also been busy sewing little snack bags for the girls.These can be made in any fabric,however once again I chose flannel.Not for any reason except I had panda bear fabric and both the girls dearly love pandas!They are simple,one layer flannel pouches that Velcro shut the entire length of the top.No,they aren't dog treats! lol they are the ever-in-demand Scooby snacks!Along with ghost marshmallows and fruit snacks!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Pics

   Today Daisy went to the doctor and had her meds readjusted,I'm so hoping they can pinpoint what is going on with her.She has been struggling with migraines and vomiting for quite some time now,however 2 weeks ago she was put on a medicine to help control pain and it completely eliminated her vomiting,but seems to be making her aggressive and violent,especially towards Lilly.Both girls are on meds to sleep at night,but for some reason it doesn't seem to be helping Lilly as she has spent the past two nights kicking the wall or banging her head on the wall ALL night long!I am very thankful she has been really a good girl about her insomnia but its extremely hard for me to get any sleep when she is kicking the other side of the wall within inches of my head lol.
   On a brighter note,Halloween went well,if you consider Daddy having to work,Lilly refusing to wear her costume and both girls being terrified of other trick or treaters.Not to mention Lilly falling down multiple concrete steps bruising her head badly YET AGAIN!One house we went to had the window open on the screen door and a nasty looking green witch hanging out,and I'm telling you both girls totally flipped!Daisy walked away muttering "That darn witch scared me" lol we laughed for about a whole block over that one!Both girls really didn't want pictures takes,so we kind of just had to do the best we could.Daisy went as "Cinderella in Rapunzel's dress" as she put it,she couldn't be Rapunzel because she doesn't have long hair!You gotta love it she has quite the imagination!Lilly was kinda pouting in the corner so I snapped a quick picture she just wanted to wear a dress and her red shoes lol

   Well,not too much else going on here at this moment,I have been running low on energy from lack of sleep the past few days and now my house is suffering so there is alot to be done!I'm hoping to run to Dollar Tree later to see if they have fall decals for the windows,also need to run to the store because the girls each got $5 in their Halloween cards from Nick's Mum so I promised the girls we would see if we could find them each a new movie to add to their collection.We no longer buy toys in our household,the girls only get toys as gifts from family,everything from me is now homemade.I find they are much more appreciative that way!So when they have a little money we either save it or get movies to watch together.
   I still have the sleeves to do for the big dance performance in a few weeks,so yesterday I sat down for an hour and played around with my fabric and elastic and created 4 different dance sleeves and then me and the girls went to the studio and let them pick which version they liked.I will get pics posted as the get done :) but for now I'm going to sign off!