Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lilly's new Adapted Pajamas

   It has been a huge issue with Lilly taking off all her clothes at night and pooping and peeing all over her bedroom for months now.I have tried everything from taping her diapers on to putting on onesies with backwards diapers,backwards jammies,you name it I tried it.
   Last week I went to Wal-mart looking to get Lilly a couple pairs of pajamas and I found an awesome deal with little girls jammies marked down to $1!I bought her about 6 pairs and I bought a few 12 inch zippers.Tonight I finally got time to sit down to the sewing machine and start sewing on the first pair.I had several things I needed to alter/adapt to make the jammies work for us.First off the jammie legs were a little too long on the size 3T but the 24month were just too snug,so I put a growth tuck inthe bottom of the legs so we could let them out in a few months.Then I needed to make them so she couldnt get them off to smear feces all over the walls,so I sewed the shirt to the pants and put a zipper in the back.So far good luck!She cant get them off!But...she is way mad about it!!!
   Here are pics of what I came up with.The first pic is just to prove I got such a good deal on them :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Warm Weather!

   We finally have warm weather!I am soo excited :) I got the tomatoes planted and outside,the lettuce is growing quickly and the girls are very excited to be able to play outside!We even had snow a week ago so warm weather has been slow in coming this spring.
   We are all doing well,and I totally love my life!