Friday, January 14, 2011

Daisy's Morning Ritualistic Hot Cocoa

   For the better part of a week now Daisy has been asking for hot cocoa every morning with her breakfast,its not ordinary hot cocoa either!It is made in her special cup to her exact specifications and it usually looks like this...Hot cocoa,then peppermint whip cream,rainbow colored mini marshmallows...She thinks this is the best thing in the world right now :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


   So,on Sunday night we went to watch the Newest Harry Potter movie!It is good!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

  Our moving date is getting closer and closer every day although we don't have an official date yet.I am really,really excited to be moving out of here.I'm so tired of having to  fear for the girls safety every time we leave the house.
   Any outing consists of worrying someone will fall down 2 flights of slippery stairs,then once finally down hoping we don't run into the downstairs neighbors,one being a very happiness deprived single mother who seems to always have a reason to be screaming and cussing out her baby.The other being a hillbilly couple who never can tell when we need to go or are in a hurry and we always get stuck visiting forever.
   Then our next concern is getting into the van without anyone running into the street and getting run over.Then I do a quick once over on the van to see if there are damages of vandalism yet again,and to make sure the tires haven't been disturbed slashed either,if all looks good we are finally free and clear of the drama these apartments bring.
   I can honestly say,I am very thankful for this place and for government housing,when I was a young,single mum with a very very sick baby girl just out of the hospital with nowhere to live this place was a huge blessing.However after just over 3 years here it is time to move on for both the girls and my own sake.We will all be much happier elsewhere,and that will mean Nick will be able to come over and spend daily time with the girls,and hopefully we can save money and get married the end of the year.We decided to postpone it until we were more financially stable and things were a little better for us.
   Well,enough rambling for now I have tea towels to finish,corn bags to sew and the girls are both in dire need of new shirts,so I'm gonna be a busy Mama :)

Monday, January 10, 2011


   I am totally exhausted tonight,wishing my girls would pass out so I could slip in under my covers and disappear into dreamland.