Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Child Missing from Our Sm City

   As I posted before we live in a small low crime city,however as we are finding out it has a very high suicide rate among young people especially jr high and high school students.
   This morning we found out that almost exactly 48 hours after the searchers found little Alex's body another teenager went missing.She has been missing since yesterday.Please pray with me that she will be brought home safely to her loving family.
M is 16 years old and attends the 10th grade at South High School. Mayra loves to write poems and received second place in a poetry contest. Her favorite sport is basketball, her favorite subjects are English and Art and her grades are mostly A's and B's. M loves to spend time with friends. She is in chorus; music is her life and she doesn't go anywhere without her IPOD.


   Tonight we are going to take the girls out for dinner at Red Lobster and the to the Theater to watch Happy Feet 2  and celebrate the fact that Nick was promoted to General Manager!We are so excited as this is the big break we have been waiting for,this promotion has opened up a whole world of possibilities for us as a family!But Im kind of rushed in getting ready so I will do another post on that later!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Christmas Present

   So,Nick bought me something for Christmas that I have wanted for a very long time....And let me tell you,he is ADORABLE!!!! He has brought so much fun and joy to our lives already,he is so tiny and sweet he snuggles for hours,he is the perfect well loved addition to our family!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bullying and Suicide

 So,the death of little Alex was ruled a suicide.Seriously look at this little boy and tell me what could have been so bad in his life to kill himself over? He had a loving family that adored him a safe comforting home.He was a happy kid who was never mean to anyone,he adored Mickey Mouse,trains of all kinds and the color yellow,so looking in from the outside it looks he had the perfect life.
   But,wait it wasn't perfect,he ended his own life on New Years near the train tracks he adored so much because He did not want to return to school after the holidays.He could not face the bully's he had been tormented by before.So he chose to end his own life,how sad and tragic,this breaks my heart.Honestly this strikes more fear in my heart that if some sick psycho pervert were out there murdering children.Why? Because suicide is a silent killer becoming more and more popular among children and young teens,they see no way out of their temporary problem and choose the permanent solution of suicide.
   Approximately 30,000 people commit suicide every year in the United States alone.The youngest person to commit suicide in the United states was a 6 yr old Oregon girl after she was sent to her room,she hung herself with a belt in 2010.
   Please parents talk to your children,be open and honest with them,do whatever it takes for you to protect them.Hold them close and love them dearly with every breath you have,today could be the last chance you have to tell them how much you love them!

please click here for stories of bullied children

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Heart is Breaking....

   We live in a small city with a low crime rate,low murder rate,where everyone knows everyone.Where everyone wants to help everyone.Once again great tragedy has hit our city.A young boy 13 yrs old went missing on New Years Eve.He was just found dead this morning near the rail yards.No details have been released yet,we are waiting for news :( Such a tragedy,such a young life taken way to soon.
RIP Alexander,you will be missed,spread your wings and go home to Jesus.

Daisys Dancer Performance Nov 2011

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Grandmas Funeral Part 1

   My beloved Grandmother passed away on July 27,2011.It shattered our world.She seemed perfectly healthy one day and in heaven several hours later due to a presumed heart attack.A few days later we began the long 16 hour drive to Boise Idaho for her funeral.It was a very sad time for everyone in our family and I know I wrote a small blog post about it all in August however I could not bring myself to type more than a few words because the pain was so very real.They say time heals all wounds,I disagree with this thought,time does not heals the wounds,however with time we learn ways to cope with our loss.
   My grandmother was so very loving and caring,she was a fun woman and a good mother and Grandmother.The day she passed away I received a card from her in the mail a few hours after receiving word of her death.I cried for hours,in her last card,she told us how much she loved me and the girls and that no matter what to trust in God because He will always be there for us.How true this is,she served him til the day she died,everyone was loved by Grandma,everyone was family and we will miss her forever.

Halloween 2011

   Ok,so Im really behind in downloading pics to my blog BUT I got my new camera software downloaded and I am set so be prepared for an outpouring of pictures as I get caught up!

Happy New Year 2012!

 Another brand new year has started!A brand new slate to begin with new goals for our family,many changes are being made in our home as there are many things we want to change.Some of them are listed in my last post,some are not listed at all,however one big change I do want to make is to blog consistently,hopefully every day I can bring you a little something from our world!
   I got a new camera for Christmas as a gift from my parents.I'm really hoping to get the software downloaded on the computer this afternoon!