Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snow,Bargain Finds,and Inspections

   The girls were thrilled to get up to snow again,I don't think they realize they will soon tire of the cold and snow lol Anyhow we rushed around and showered and cleaned the house all by 9.The girls enjoyed a breakfast of bananas,blueberry donuts and hot apple cider, while I had a homemade amaretto latte.
   We are still waiting for inspections to be done,so after the house was once again abnormally spotless the girls and I bundled up and decided to face the crowds at a local thrift store.It is open Wednesday thru Saturday and when it opens on Wed morning it is a crazy madhouse!We arrived at 9:40 am and were second in line waiting outside the doors!Everyone thought I was crazy for having two little ones out in the snow,but we had a blast! lol Other people were in a mad rush just to get in the door,even pushing me and the girls out of their way haha me?I was in a mad rush just to get a shopping cart!We found a few fun Christmas decorations and big bags of cinnamon pine cones were only .50.All in all we only spent $9.50 and had lots of fun :)
   Lilly refused to wear her hood,but instead charmed everyone by wrapping herself up in her "bankie" and covering her ears lol I was a little worried that the noise of the crowd was going to put her over the edge but she did well regulating herself with her blanket. 
   Daisy was upset to have to stand in the cold and snow just to go to the thrift store lol she even told all the people she wanted to go back home and go back to bed with hot choc and finish watching Scooby Doo! lol Everyone thought they were little charmers lol
   We came home to a lunch of hot ham and cheese sandwiches and potato soup.I scurried around and put everything away and put my girls to bed for quiet time.As I type,still no inspections,however they are supposed to be completed before 5 pm.I'll be glad to have it behind me so once again I can pull out all my sewing stuff and enjoy spending time creating again.Living in such a small 2 bedroom apartment in the big city is not exactly ideal but for now it works.I long for the day I have a yard of our own where we can play outside and plant lovely flowers and decorate to my hearts content,however at this time this is where God would have us,so daily I tell myself to be happy and content in where He has placed us.
   Every day I can hardly believe how big the girls are getting!Lilly talks constantly and asks "who's crying"probably a hundred times a day lol. The weighted blanket seems to be helping her calm herself down both at nap time and bedtime.The past three nights she has actually SLEPT!WITHOUT MEDICATION AT THAT!It has been so nice to crawl into bed by ten and get to sleep!I also gave Lilly her nighttime bottle back and I think it had helped her allot with sleeping.Daisy is becoming a big helper to me,she puts away laundry and helps Lilly with little things.Still we have to watch Daisy closely because (for undiagnosed medical reasons)she eats all kinds of inedible objects such as yarn, play dough, clay, crayons, thread, paper,patterns,etc.I had truly hoped by 3 1/2 yrs old she would have out grown it but it only seems to be getting worse.One of my worst passions is her licking or sucking on shopping carts!So,generally I use the socially unacceptable method of letting her take her pacifier out in public places.Some days I cringe,others I hardly care anymore,if it helps cut back on germs and sickness (and screaming) then she can have it!
   Tonight is dance once again.Our big dance performance is in just over a week,All costumes are completed except the last three I'm making a ribbon/corsage piece for.I am planning on completing these tonight during Daisy's class.It sure makes me proud to watch my little girl learning all the dance moves and enjoying it so much.Right now she is in jazz,but hopefully will be starting ballet at age 5.
   Well,gonna sign off for today,Love to all.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shopping Deals

   I sit here pondering life once again as I tap away at the keys of my computer,snacking on Gluten free Ginger Snaps with ever present cup of steaming apple cider in my hand.Outside the snow lazily falls and it feels more like December than November.Honestly,I am longing for Christmas!December is the best month of the year in my opinion.Yes,warm weather is nice,but the cold and snow make me feel so cozy as I watch out the window.We don't leave the house much so we can enjoy the winter wonderland from out living room window :)
   I was up a good portion of the night trying to get rid of a persisting migraine,Lilly is sick again too so we are now just taking it easy for today.
My house is spotless awaiting the arrival of our landlords to do a routine inspection for cleanliness.I understand why they do them but it does get tiring for a mum with two small children,trying to follow their every move to pick up behind them as they go.
   This morning I bundled the girls up and forced myself to get out to the thrift store (headache and all lol).And my,am I ever so glad I did! I found all kinds of little things to use to decorate the house for Christmas with.
   I got these beautiful Christmas carolling figurines

   I got this really cute winter basket arrangement

   I had to get the cute teddy on a reindeer for the girls

   I found a cute picture in a blue frame for the kitchen,which I already bought a can of spray paint and painted the frame notice how it changes the entire picture!Now it matches with my kitchen :)

   I got a couple ornaments and a snowman candle holder....                                                                             
   The BEST find of all I found these both for $3!!!

   AND...All of it only cost $6.50! all together!