Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today Is MOVING DAY!! at long last!

   Today is finally moving day!I am totally overwhelmed.The trucks wont be here til 3 pm so I still have a few hours to accomplish stuff.Lilly must not like the impending change,she has cried all morning and will not calm down,she is clinging to my legs and tripping me everywhere I go.Im exhausted from staying up late packing last night after the girls went to bed but man,it sure was easier that way!
   So,tonight we will sleep in our new house,and the girls will each have their own rooms so that will be nice.
   Well,heres a few pics of the mess I got going on right at this moment lol

Monday, April 4, 2011

   Last night I wanted to do something special with Daisy,I kinda feel like she has been lost in the hustle of moving and Lilly's screaming fits.So after Lilly went to bed I let Daisy stay up later than usual and I trimmed all her nails and painted them and she was soooo happy.She is such a typical girly girl and I love it!

Daisys New Spring Dress

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Autism Freaking Sux

   Honestly its been a horrible day with Lilly today,she has screamed all day nonstop.She refused to eat her dinner or even sit at the table long enough to even think about eating it,she screamed in the bath and screamed during her movie,she screamed while I brushed her teeth,she screamed about her sippy cup,she screamed and screamed some more.It has been a nonstop thing all day,the whole time I was packing she was either screaming or sneaking into stuff such as jellybeans,cookies,fridge,trash,closets,kitchen cupboards,etc.
   I'm getting a migraine and I'm so exhausted I cant even think anymore,but I cannot go to bed because Lilly is refusing to go to sleep,she took a little 30 min nap when I first put her to bed at 7pm then woke screaming for a good 45 minutes,when I went in and picked her up to hold and comfort her she slammed her head into my mouth nearly splitting my lip.So I put her back in bed and left the room as she hatefully screamed at me 'get out of my room"
   I try so hard with her but it seems like no matter how hard I try I CANNOT get thru to her,like somehow I'm doing all the wrong things.There is a sweet baby girl locked in this horrible state of mind and its killing me.
   I'm starting to lose my patience tonight and I cant stop crying,but I have no choice but to keep going.Its days like today that being a single parent friggin sux!But then again listening to her dad bitch and complain about it all would be so much worse than dealing with it all alone,so for now Ill have to thank God for the hidden blessings and keep fighting to unlock the mind of my baby girl.

23 Boxes Closer...

   Today alone I have packed 23 boxes so far.I have worked hard,I have taken 2 huge loads of stuff to the dumpster,a big box of canned foods to a neighbor and am still packing in earnest.I am really hoping to have everything moved in about 2 days so that I can start focusing on UNPACKING lol
   I cant wait to start my craft room and buy shelves and stuff to organize my stash and go thru it all.It will be so  much easier to do a project being able to see the inventory I already own.I have never had a sewing space or craft room where I can actually leave my sewing machine out on the desk.I have always sewed on the diningroom table but that has its major downsides of the girls getting into my stuff and having to move it all at meal or snack time.
   Well,I need to keep plugging away every box I pack is one box closer to my goal!