Friday, May 20, 2011

More New House Pics

Its Been so loooong

   I have fallen so far behind in blogging the events of our lives,so I will try to catch up a little.
   The girls have been sick with fevers and runny noses the past couple days,so I have been busy with them in between keeping up with laundry and cleaning.
   We planted 6 planter boxes full of different kinds of lettuce and salad mixes.They just popped up within the last week!

We also planted a container tomato plant,I haven never done container gardening so this is a new experiment!My mum bought me two more tomato plants that I need to get pots for. I'm really,really excited about having a garden this year although our space is very limited,I think our back patio is like 5'x11' so its kind of going to be a tight squeeze lol

   It really has snowed off and on the past week here so it has been kind of hard for the girls,not to mention each time the weather gets cold I bring in my plants (one upside to container gardening:)
   I have been working on making the front porch/patio look like our house is lived in,I have been planting flowers and trying to come up with lots of cute ideas.Living on the 2nd floor of an apartment building meant I haven't had even a patio for almost 5 years now so any outdoor space is a precious commodity I will never for granted again!

   Hope you all have a wonderful day! I know I am :)