Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Magical Cure for a Sick Baby

   Lilly is very sick AGAIN! I actually thought she was beginning to get well,and wham she is sicker than she was to begin with.So,I got out sparkly,princess lip gloss for both girls,along with a new Polly Pocket Princess and Lils still would not stop crying,A dose of Tylenol,a nap,and the movie UP didnt work either....
   So....out came the food coloring and bubble bath... all polly pockets and petshop pets were dumped into a purple bubble bath and two little girls jumped in right behind them!(yes i know the water looks black in the pics but I can assure you it wasnt lol)It was 2 very happy little girls in my house for over an hour :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Raw Porridge

  1 apple
  1 banana
  1 small handful of nuts
  2 tbsp ground flax meal
   water to thin
   throw all in belnder and blend until consistency of porridge,serve             cold,garnish as desired


   Andy is growing rapidly and getting cuter,but I'm deeply afraid there is no brain in that little noodle of his!He drives me NUTS!lol some days he does excellent with going potty on the piddle pads,other days he looks at me and will pee on the floor and RUN away as fast as his little short legs can go!Honestly some days I feel like wringing his little neck!those are the days he spends QUALITY time in the kennel!!! lol
   I have found him in my heaping pile of clean clothes on the dining room table,in bed with daisy,under the chairs,in the closets,in a purse,lol you name it he has been there! anyhow he is getting better, as you can see he is still skinny but we are trying to get him fattened up,but he runs around so much with the girls I'm having a hard time putting weight on him!
    In spite of everything he truly is adorable!

Sick Again...

   It just doesn't ever seem to end here.The girls and I are sick again with head colds,sore throats,fevers,and coughs...So,once again we have just been lazing around and trying to get well.I have been taking Pseudophed but it doesn't really seem to be making any kind of difference,so I guess we'll just be having another lazy day laying around,napping,drinking steaming hot tea,and watching movies together,watching the snow swirl outside the windows.Today I am very thankful for a warm place to live and plenty of good food.We serve an awesome God!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Totally Exhausted

   Time seems to be dragging this morning,Im counting the minutes til naptime for my dear little girls.Lilly has been getting up almost an hour earlier every morning, we have jumped from 8 am to 5 am.I am SOOOO NOT a morning person and this isnt working so well for me!It is only 10:15 and Im yawning and can barely keep my eyes open!lol so I guess its time to break out the coffee!