Thursday, July 21, 2011

Exercising With Xbox 360

   I have been pushing myself very hard the past 12 days to work out everyday and log calories eaten on dont know an exact weightloss amout yet as my scale decided now is the perfect time to only work when it wants to!So tomorrow it is a new scale for me!I have been exercising as much as possible and burning as many calories as I can.It so hard for me to gt to the gym or walk outside even as much as I love walking.Lilly has taken an utter dislike to any kind of exercise and much prefers to being inside in the air conditioned house over the hot humid outdoors.Last night we did go to the park and walk around the lake and Lilly did well looking for baby ducks ")

   So,my exercise has consisted of many hours of playing kinect  Adventures on the Xbox360.I have been loggin in up to 120 minutes a day and trying to burn at least 1200 calories.It is exhausting but fun.I try to get up and workout before the girls get up so my day is free.

   If you dont have an Xbox360 with Kinect I would strongly suggest one to anyone stuck in the house!Here are a few different clips from the game