Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspection Passed!

    I passed the inspection on the apartment so we are officially out of there!! Yay! We are beyond the transition period of being half way between two household at once.And let me tell you,IT IS A GOOD FEELING!!!!!
   Have lots of unpacking to do but the bulk of the boxes and mess are downstairs except in my sewing room too.We are working on taking boxes upstairs and putting each box away as we unpack it.Its alot of work,but were making progress!
   Ready for a break and maybe something relaxing before bed? :)


    I love Lilly so much but maybe it is time for me to let go of the ideas I have and just try to love her without wanting any kind of love in return.I am crying as I write this because I know full well being a mum isn't easy,but honestly there are days I feel like God gave me way more than I can handle and that He didn't prepare me at all for what he was giving me.Today I feel like I was dropped into all of this not knowing anything,and I am overwhelmed and discouraged.
    Lilly has become so grouchy and mean the past few days,I think the move is taking its toll on her and she isn't coping very well.Both girls have their own rooms now and Nicks mum bought all new bedding and curtains and pillows  so everything is new and poor Lilly doesn't know how to deal with it all.On top of it all she is sick and got a nasty cold and runny nose which isn't helping.
   She has screamed and cried constantly and its getting hard to listen to at times,I have tried everything,I bought new movies,a new toy,everything to try to occupy her time for more than 30 seconds but to no avail.
   Lilly has also started this new high pitched scream/squeal whenever she is upset and truthfully its almost worse than the screaming if you can imagine that lol
   I feel like a really bad mum when I see my child in such a state of misery,I try to comfort her and she head butts me in the face,I try to hold her,she screams,I try to do typical mother/daughter things with her,I do her hair and she just rips it out,I do her nails and she rubs the polish off before its even dry,I take her shopping and she screams nonstop.Its the most frustrating thing to have a child who you love with all your heart who seems to not care if you live or die at only 2 yrs old.
     I need to give Lilly tylenol for her fever,then she is going down for a nap. Daisy is waiting to watch a new movie we bought them and my coffee is brewing.
   As soon as it is quiet I'm going to spend some time in prayer and the Bible begging God for guidance for instructions on how to help my little girl.If you all think about it please throw some prayers out there for us today,it is a really rough one!


   Moving is alot of work lol everything is moved and cleaned from the apartment,tomorrow is the inspection.All I gotta do is run and put the oven racks back in the oven and this stage of being in two places at once will finally be over and I can focus on getting everything unpacked and making our new place home :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

almost done moving yay!

   We are nearly done moving all of our stuff!It has been a really long 3 days but all that's left is moving the old washer and dryer and the crib.Also have a few more things to paint and clean then the half way here half way there stage is over and we can focus on unpacking and organizing the new place!I'm beyond excited to leave that place behind!
   Well,Im gonna head to bed and get a little sleep before I have to paint tomorrow morning and scrub the stove and kitchen floor at the old place first thing in the morning :)