Monday, June 27, 2011

Sensory Room

   I have been slowly working on our Sensory room.We are still nowhere near done yet,but I thought I would put up pics of what we do have so far.I still want to get a bean bag for reading books and possibly get 2 more shelves to stack on top of the original two.I want to make a sensory board and get some lights along with hanging a princess canopy tent for a little quiet hideout...I'm working on it all and enjoying every moment :)
   All of the wall stickers are an interactive thing,all stickers come apart,dolls have multiple outfits and the furniture moves around the house stickers.All toys encourage the use of imagination,which is sooo good cuz I believe Daisy was born without one lol

Sensory Activity *goo recipe*

food coloring to the water.
Measure out 5 teaspoons of water into your cup. Add 2–4 drops of
contents. Set the cup and contents aside for about a minute so it can
settle. Begin cleaning up your area.
Add 1/4 level cup of cornstarch and swirl the cup to level the
mixture thoroughly to make sure there are no lumps.
Mix the ingredients with spoon to ensure an even consistency. Stir the
a solid when touched with your finger. Add cornstarch, a small pinch
at a time, if the mixture is too runny. Add water, 1/4 teaspoon at a
time, if the mixture is too thick to flow. As the mixture sits out, it will
dry out a bit, but can be reconstituted with water (add sparingly).
The “goo” should flow like a liquid when the cup is tipped but feel like
the drains.

Don’t dispose of the “goo” down the drain in any sink. It will clog up

“Goo” Recipe

2 Days at the Children's Village

   Last week we spent 2 different days at the Children's Village playing and enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having.The girls love the water,rocks and sand.It is very relaxing and fun.The first pic is of Lilly playing with her little cousin(my sisters son)Remington is the only little person Lilly has really been enjoying spending time with lately :)