Saturday, August 27, 2011

So Ready for Fall

 I'm sooooo ready for the weather to change and the leaves to fall off the trees,for the skies to turn grey and the weather to get cooler.To be able to turn on the fireplace and curl up with a warm fuzzy blanket and  hibernate :)
   Fall/Winter are my favorite times of year,I love the holiday season and decorating for Fall,Halloween,Thanksgiving,Winter,Christmas,etc  I love snuggling with my family watching movies together while the snow swirls outside the windows.I love drinking hot apple cider and working on Christmas presents as a family.
   But for now I guess I need to enjoy what little warm weather we have left and let the girls go outside and play :)

Gluten Free Muffins

   Last night I made gluten free Blueberry muffins

   Gluten free Banana muffins.

   I also made some chocolate chip,pecan cookies last night,they aren't really healthy and they aren't gluten free  so I cannot eat them but I'm sure the family will enjoy them very much :) 

     The Blueberry muffins turned purple and are a little tough,I think its the recipe,I used new recipes for both and wasn't too impressed with the blueberry ones.Next time I think I will try the same recipe I used for the banana except use blueberries instead of bananas :)
   I love to bake and cook,and have really been trying hard to only serve healthy options to my family for every meal.

This is How Lilly shops at the thrift store :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Shooting Down the Street

   My heart is very heavy,last night at 11pm shots rang out and neighbors heard screaming.The cops were called and two people are left dead and one in critical condition.
   This kind of thing never happens in our small city of 52000 people.Our state is among the top six with the lowest crime rate in America.We are one of the highest ranked states to raise a family,one of the states with the lowest unemployment rate.Our city sees maybe one murder  a year,and then it is usually a transient death.So far we have had multiple homicides this year and now 3 in the past 6 weeks.
   It makes me sad because all over America we are hearing about homicides,school shootings,shootings,gang murders,drug deals gone wrong,prostitutes being murdered,children being slain by their own parents and people whom they trust.Innocent people are losing their lives daily.
   What has happened to America,the land of freedom?
   The daily  news makes me cringe at raising my children in this sinful world,some days I wonder if they are even safe in their own beds at night.I wonder if they are safe around friends,or to go to the park or grocery store.
   But then I remember everything is in Gods hands and He is in control.So as hard as it might be at times I  am struggling every day just to lay it all down at the feet of the Savior who is watching over this dark sinful world with great sadness.I struggle to just trust Him with my children,to put them in HIS hands and trust Him to protect them and keep them safe.Tonight I realized that worrying about these things does me no good at all because it is not in my hands.All I can do is focus on the moment and live each as though i were my last so I can live without regrets.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


   We make smoothies almost every day,today I changed them up a little and we also made star shaped,smoothie popsicles!Yummy!

Getting Ready for Our first Day of Homeschool

   Tomorrow is out first day of homeschool!I'm really excited to get into a routine and start working on different projects with the girls.We wont have too much of a set schedule this year because Daisy is only 4 and Lilly is 2 1/2.But I do plan to work on all the letters and numbers and see where Daisy goes from there :)  
   Yesterday I was in Target and happened to see their little section of dollar items was full of school supplies,mostly supplies for teachers.I was really excited as they had a Teachers day planner (only $1!) and I had been hoping to find one for cheap so I could document our school year for myself and for future reference.
   I also got some different flashcards,animals,dinosaurs,letters and shapes,and insects.The girls were really thrilled about them.

   I also got paints,finger paints,markers,watercolor paints,crayons,etc all the fun stuff :)

   Its going to be such a fun experience and I cannot wait!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Coffee Time

   Girls are laying down,the house is freezing so its coffee time!

Lillian Update

   Lilly had a doctors appointment this morning to address some of the ongoing behaviour issues we have had for quite some time now.I was very disappointed when our doctor said he has no answers for us and no clue in which direction to point us :( I almost felt like crying and right there at that moment I decided once again I need to just suck it up and be a big girl and figure out what we are going to do.Because honestly,what other option do i have? lol
   Lilly is half potty trained,we use a giant sticker chart and tons of stickers and praise and treats if she poos on the potty etc.well,even tho she is almost potty trained she STILL goes all over the floor at almost any chance she gets.I know for a fact she knows what she is about to do because if she has panties on she takes them off before she pees so she doesn't get her Minnie mouse panties wet lol I made adapted pjs a few months ago and they help some in the evenings and bedtime but for now I'm going to get some kind of waterproof mat that will cover her whole floor and the worry about her carpet will be eliminated lol its a strange thing really because she thinks its funny and howls with laughter when someone reacts to her peeing on the floor.I have ceased to react at all so maybe it will lose its fun factor soon lol
   Another issue we have struggled with alot is Lillys sleeping disorders,last night  we decided to take the tvs out of both girls bedrooms and see what happened.We had given them each their own tvs because they didnt sleep at night and we thought it must suck to lay in bed for hours and not be able to sleep.LO AND BEHOLD! Both girls were alseep in 15 minutes of going to bed!I felt like I had hit the jackpot!yay! We will see how it works tonight :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Something I whipped up

   Had a very,very short notice birthday party today.I think maybe I had 4 hours or so and no gift.So I made this little darling baby hedgehog from out of my mind,the picture does her no justice but I was in such a rush by the time I got done I forgot to take pics except this one I forwarded to a friend on my phone :)