Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm Still Here

   I think I am finally at a point in my life where I actually can get back to my daily blogging ,not quite so busy in some ways and much busier in other ways :)
   Daisy is 6 1/2, she will be 7 in July, I can hardly believe how fast time flies and how quickly children grow! Seems like just yesterday I was on bed rest fighting to save her life when it all reality it was a full 7 years ago! Daisy still does struggle with a few things from her premature birth and I am getting ready to take her to Denver Children's hospital for an evaluation as some of her progress in learning seems a little delayed and she seems to be regressing in some areas, but I'm very thankful for the opportunity I have to homeschool Daisy, it has been an amazing bonding experience for us and has brought us even closer together.
   Lilly just turned 5 in January, she is attending a specialized school that works exclusively with children with special needs, she has made great strides in so many ways and I'm beginning to question her diagnosis of Autism, I am wondering if it is more Asperger's or ASD, only time will tell I suppose and for now I'm happy with the progress she is making, not to mention she loves school, just seems she is sick every week from never having spent much time around a lot of other kids during the sick seasons lol but I think she is finally getting well again and ready to return. She only goes 4 afternoons a week for 2 hr 45 minutes where she does all kinds of learning activities along with getting her therapies, it is a wonderful school.
   I lost my camera and it seems to be forever gone, with all my pictures dating all the way back to Dec of 2011, I'm super sad and worried I will never get my pictures back, I'm glad I have backup copies on my computer but I miss it! I'm really contemplating buying a new one but definitely want to do my research before I get one, I want to get a nice one that takes good quality pictures, going to read some reviews and make my decision this week.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Life is Changing

   So, I been thinking a lot about my blog and just how much I miss it so I have decided to get back into the world of blogging about our daily lives and back to the way things used to be. My blog was always a security to me and although I have been busy I have truly missed you all and hope to get back into daily blogging.
   So, the beginning of the school year Daisy started at the public school just down the street from us and it ended terribly so once again we decided homeschooling is the way to go. We have her enrolled in an online virtual academy and it is going well, she loves it and we have been able to incorporate al of her special love of Panda Bears into her schooling and  it has been a lot of fun. I can hardly believe how fast she is growing, she will be 7 in July! Seems like yesterday  she was just a tiny baby fighting to live.
   Lilly is turning 5 on the 31st of this month, she is attending a specialized school 4 afternoons a week for children with special needs and it is going well! School has become her place to shine, she loves all the arts and craft projects and knows all of her letters and numbers and can read short words, Her teachers are super impressed with all she knows. I'm excited to see what the next years holds in store for her :)

   It has been a harsh winter in terms of illnesses but I'm quite sure that is due to the exposure to the of the public school system and they're starting to build up an immune system to all the nasty things they have been shielded from in the past. As I type Lilly is fast asleep on the floor while Daisy sits beside her watching Shrek, She has been sick off and on for the past few weeks and missed a number of days staying home sick, I hope she can rest well and feel better before Monday.
   I have a lot to do this weekend (as usual) and the cleaning and laundry seem to be never ending.
   I'm so happy to be back, I missed you all greatly and hope you're having a fantastic Saturday!