Friday, November 11, 2011


   There,I finally got to type the date lol I know Im a dork but somethings in life make me smile and getting to see that long row of 1s is one of them :)
   A huge thank you going out to my Brother,my Uncle,my Grandfather and the many,many others who are fighting or have fought for our country and our freedom!These men have given everything to fight for OUR freedom,so many people do not understand the sacrifices these men have made for us and our families.
   My heart goes out to the many families who have lost their loves ones as they fight for our country.

   God bless the men and women who have left everything and are fighting for our freedom!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pressing the Limits

   A few nights ago we went to a Pressing the Limits conference.It was really good.Nationally know bodybuilder Jon Bruney did allot of things and put his body through allot just to show the audience what Jesus Christ has done for us.Here are a few pictures of him and what he does,these are pics I pulled off his website so not the actual conference we went to but same type of thing.(my pics didn't turn out very well lol)The girls loved it and sat very good,they even got pieces of the bricks he broke and gothim to sign them,it was a fun evening even though Lilly was still so sick.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


   Yesterday morning I took Lilly to the doctor because she is still vomiting and having severe diarreah.They had no answers for us except to do a fecal sample and see if it turns anything up.So we left the hospital with these items in hopes we could find answers.

   Last night we finally got a s sample and rushed off to the hospital lab to drop it off before the time frame was up.
   Lilly has always been on and off diets,she is off most dairy,but now we have switched to ALL NONdairy items for her.She is now also on a completely Gluten free diet again,also eliminating sugar and processed foods.So last evening we went to the health food store and stocked up on  items for her her,finding many of them on sale was such a blessing!We even foundRice Egg nog!I was so excited for Lillys sake!