Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daisys New Pets

   So,Daisy has been begging for a crab for months....Well,since she first saw the Little Mermaid,she fell in love with Sebastian and carried around a little plastic crab for months.Then she fell in love with Mr.Crabs from Spongebob (yes,I know that is a horrible show and I do not permit my kids to watch it,however others do not feel the same way I do so on rare occasion they see it at Grandmas).Last night in the middle of this blizzard we took the girls to Petco and let them pick 2 hermit crabs.They are pretty cool and Daisy is in heaven!(these r google images but almost identical to ours)

Old Man Winter is Here Full Force!

   Old Man Winter is here with full force vengeance!
   Last night we got about 6-8 inches of snow dumped upon us.It was exteremly beautiful and yet a little concerning for the reality of the harsh winter we are likely to experience.
    Nick is at work and me and the girls are in our pjs relaxing.I have some cleaning to do and the girls want to watch a movie,so I guess the cleaning can wait for now while I make a steaming cup of Russian tea and sit down to enjoy my little ones.The housework will be here for the rest of my life but  my kids will grow up and spread their wings one day,until then I want to know I have spent every moment possible enjoying them and not worrying about trivial things such as dishes and laundry.