Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Felt Food

   Daisy was having a bit of a hard time behaving today while her sister was napping so we sat down and I began to hand sew little things for her, and this is what we came up with today.

Lilly's new Rag Baby Doll

   Tonight I was just itching to get out my sewing machinne and putter away.After the girls went to bed I promptly sat down and began trying to put what was in my head onto fabric,it was a little tricky trying to figure out all the body proportions etc,but I finally got it!This is the beauty that jumped out of my head onto fabric!Isnt she cute? Lilly is gonna love her!

New Years

Ok,so this year I did actually make a few New Years resolutions,but nothing so elaborate I cannot keep up with them.I have been needing an extra boost to get going with a few things and used New Years as my excuse,so here they are
   1.Exercise and lose weight
   2.Eat healthier
   3.Be more patient with my girls
   4.Read my Bible and go to church
   5.Sew more
   6.Be even more frugal
   7.Learn to quilt
   8.Spend more individual time with the girls
   9.To blog more
   So anyway,here they are in a nutshell,nothing elaborate,just everyday changes to make our home a little happier a little brighter,oh and a little more organized :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010


   I have kind of been lacking in ideas as to what I should be blogging about.
   Christmas went well,spent Christmas eve with my entire family and hada wonderful Old English Family dinner,with Roast,potatoes,carrots,yorkshire pudding and trifle.My mum did an awesome job preparing it.Then we all exchanged gifts,and home to bed to get up early to spend Christmas day with Nicks family.
   The girls are quietly in bed,laundry is going,house is mostly clean,what to do?