Saturday, April 2, 2011


   So,on Thursday I received a call that our new house was empty and going to be cleaned and painted over the weekend and would be open and available on MONDAY (4-4-11)!!!WHoa! that was a full 11 days EARLIER than we had previously been told!Carpets are being steam cleaned on Monday morning,we have been put on the Housing Authority Inspection Board,hopefully to be inspected on Monday and then we will have one more lease meeting then we can start moving on Tuesday or Wednesday!That gives us about 9 days to be moved out of this place and to have it cleaned and ready to be inspected on the 14th.
   I got all kinds of packing to do still and honestly I'm so tired I can barely stay awake so I guess it will all have to wait for morning and maybe I will have a fresh outlook on life :)

Welcome to Baby Boot Camp

   Today was the first day I have really cracked down on the girls behavior,I'm ready to get some respect around here.Daisy went in time out numerous times and Lilly,well lets just say Lilly was constantly being reprimanded and course of action being redirected.It all really started today when I told Daisy to do something and she walked over to me and screamed "no" and spat in my face and walked off.honestly I was so freaking mortified I was speechless for a moment before I picked her a** up and put her in time out.She spent a good bit of time there because she refused to sit quietly or nicely  and kept screaming at me that she didn't like me.
   Lilly's constant issue today was the fact that when we were outside at the park,she kept making a bee line for the street as fast as possible and by the time I could catch her she was already in the middle of the street.To me this is a serious offense because it could cost her life.Every time I got her back onto the sidewalk or back to the playground I would tell her "NO" very firmly and tell her she was going to get run over,I put her in time out on the bench and then after her time let her go play agin watching very closely to see if she understood,and by the end of the afternoon this little girl was really looking at me to see if I was watching and run for the road as fast as she could instead of slowly meandering to it like she had previously.I honestly have no clue how to deal with her as NOTHING seems to get thru to her,no consequences are bad enough to make her not want to do it again and it seems like her whole entire goal is to piss me off!
   So,tonight I got meds ready,then I FORCED both girls to let me brush their teeth(I had to literally chase Lilly down) and then I got on diapers and jammies and put both girls to bed with a small cup of WATER (no more severely diluted juice or rice milk) and put them to bed with NO movie and guess what???? they were asleep within minutes :)
   Tomorrow is going to be another long day of fighting for the respect and obedience I deserve.From here on out I am demanding nothing less than respect and obedience and no more half hearted doing as we are told,if we even do it at all.I'm sorry girls but when Mama says "jump" you better be asking"how high" because I will not take this anymore!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another day is Gone

   Another day is gone into a whirlwind of memories...
   What did you do today that will follow you into the future?
   Did you make lasting memories with your children?
   Did you do what is right when the opportunity arose?
   Did you help someone?
   Did you do a kind deed?
   Were you honest?
   I have obviously had alot of thoughts running through my mind today.A number of my blogger friends have children who are fighting cancer or leukemia,and some know that their child's time on earth is now limited,unless God grants them a true miracle.My heart is very heavy for these dear families facing the hardest decisions of their lives.At the end of each day I often sit and sift thru my day and what a I did throughout my day and I think of the wasted moments and missed opportunities,not only with my girls,but with the people I come in contact with.Sometimes its just little things I regret,such as not taking the girls to the park on a nice day or not taking the time out of my sewing orders to sit down and read the book Lilly brought to me,or not taking the time to let Daisy help me as I rushed around to whip up the next batch of dehydrator cookies.Other days its bigger things I wish I had done,such as not helping the little elderly woman at the grocery store because I already have my hands full with the girls,but really how hard would it have been for me to stop and help her load her groceries?Then I think "maybe that little old woman had nobody in her life loving or caring about her,maybe me and my girls could have been the only cheer in her lonely day and I was too busy to take the time to help her"
   I have been thinking alot about how fast time is flying by,Daisy will be 4 in just over 3 months!4 years have nearly passed since I spent all those lonely weeks in a big city in a whole different state all by myself with my tiny,premature baby who faced death different times in her life,I see the beautiful wonderful spirited child she has grown into and I'm amazed that such a tiny frail baby could become such a beautiful child.

   I thank God daily for my wonderful kids even though there are days I totally struggle to stay sane lol I just want my life to count for something,not for other people to notice,but to count for God.Truly my girls are my world and even if I could go back to 4.5 yr ago when I made some of the decisions I made I would still chose to have my girls in my life,being a single mum is hard,very hard at times,but so worth it and I don't know what I would do without my wonderful kids!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Afternoon at the Park

   Excuse the "fuzziness" of my pics they were taken on my phone.I had forgotten my camera but didnt want to miss capturing the moment :)

Good Day!

   It has been a GREAT day with Lilly! Yay! She has been so good and smiley today and it has given me so much hope that better days are on the horizon!
   Made Spaghetti for dinner tonight and Lilly ate like a champ!
   Here is a pic from this weekend when we went shopping :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pictures WONT post to blog?

   I posted pictures with both raw cookie recipes and for some reason the pictures WONT post! I even went back and edited one and re posted and still no pics!I'm gonna be trying to get this fixed asap.I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

Raw Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

     This was my first attempt at chocolate macaroons,but they turned out really,really yummy.Again I kind of just dumped stuff together but I think I can put it together for you pretty good :)
   2 1/2 c.shredded unsweetened coconut
   1 c.unsweetened cocoa
   3/4c.maple syrup
   1/4c.coconut butter melted
   splash of vanilla

Dehydrated Raw Oat Groat Cookies

   I was asked to elaborate on my raw Oat Groat cookies I make in the dehydrator so I am happy to post my recipe for all of you :)However,I never use exact measurements for this recipe I just kind of eyeball and add more if I need too lol
   Soak 3 cups of oat groats in a bowl of water for about 36 hours,I keep dumping and rinsing mine throughout the day so they don't become sour or slimy.Oat groats will become very soft but still chewy after this amount of time.Pour groats into colander and let drain for about 15 minutes to drain off all excess liquid.
   After your groats have drained and are free of water pour them into a large bowl and add a big handful of raisins,a chopped apple,1/4 cup honey or maple syrup(may add more or less if you wish),1/4cup coconut butter(melted into a liquid),crushed almonds,small handful of flax seed meal, cinnamon to taste.
   Mix all ingredients together and squish form into flat round cookies.Dehydrate in dehydrator for about 24 hours at 95 degrees until cookies are (not hard) but hold together and are still chewy.
   I often take my coconut butter,maple syrup and toss them in the blender with half or my raisins and blend until I have a thick smooth mixture.It not only holds the cookies together better but also enhances the flavors greatly.
   My mum chops dates and adds them to her cookies along with a little grated carrot.
   These cookies are very nutritional and full of vitamins and give me energy when  I'm lagging in my day lol
   If anyone still has any questions or would like anything clarified please feel free to contact me,I would love to help you to make these yummy cookies :)