Saturday, January 8, 2011


   Laundry at my house currently gets done once or twice a week,not because that's how I like it,but out of necessity.In this tiny apartment I am just so grateful to be one of 2  people on the entire property (150 families)to even be allowed a washer and dryer,Everyone else is forced to share a dirty,dingy,germy Laundromat.
   However last winter some one decided to pull a "joke" on the residents in our building and pour motor oil all the way down three flights of stairs,I fell down an entire flight of stairs with Lilly,she nearly split her head open on the hand rail and I did hit my head hard.
   Because of this incident  doctor wrote a doctors note stating that it is no longer safe for me to carry two toddlers and laundry down two flights of stairs due to my ongoing fight with epilepsy.Unless you have lived with two toddlers and no laundry facilities(for their entire lives),you have no clue the great excitement that filled our house 11 months ago when our little,used portable,stack able washer/dryer set arrived,it is to this day one of my biggest luxuries in life!
   This is the closest image I could come up with online,except the dials to  the dryer are on top rather than down low.I know it may not look like much,but it is so much easier to move it into the kitchen and hook up to the sink and get busy than all that hand washing I used to do when the girls were sick and I couldn't get out.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Painting and Packing

   I will be so happy to be settled into our new house,to be done with all the painting and packing and back to enjoying my girls and sewing :) I simply cannot wait to get a moving date scheduled and have it "set in stone" this time!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Packing

   So,today I kept packing and worked on cleaning the house,even emptying one closet and cleaning out kitchen drawes and the livingroom storage closet too.Moving is alot of hard work and our house is beginning to look like this....
                                   And my kids have done alot of this....

And...Now I look like this....

Time for some Mommy time!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


   I have been forcing myself to pack a minimum of 5 boxes a day, preferrably more in preparation to move around Jan 15-18. I have alot to do but I feel like I have accomplished alot the past 3 days.I haave painted the bathroom twice,I have painted the hallway twice and the livngroom wall twice.I have packed 8 boxes so far,and YES I started with TOYS :) I promised Daisy shw would see them again very soon and I packed everthing except the very favorites,such as the electronic,bottle fed baby pandas,and their lovey along with maybe 2 other toys each,now hopefully I can focus more on moving then on keeping afterthe girls to pick up toys :)
   I ran to Lowes this morning and bought a beautiful brown floral rug (for our new place,so no pics yet) and also bought another can of white paing to paint my bedroom and kitchen back to the original color.Part of the lease agreement was I could paint as long as everything was white again when we left.
   The other evening I sat down and made a really cute Valentines day project,it turned out really cute,hopefully I can take pics later .
   Im really excited about moving and am really hoping this brings me and Nick closer together this year.We put aside wedding plans and everyhting else for now and are focusing ourselves on making our relationship better and working with the girls together.
   Does anyone have a tutorial for making one (or similar) of these?I pulled this pic off the internet and am wanting to make one for an upcoming baby shower gift.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quiet Sunday Afternoon

   It is bitter cold outside with  a skiff of snow,we got up and went to church for the 9 am service to find out it had been changed to 10:30 am instead so we decided to skip it for today,we were a little sad because Church was something we have been wanting to get back into now that the girls are a little older.Oh well,I suppose it is the effort that counts right?
   Lilly is asleep,Daisy is watching a movie in her room,so I'm here sitting at the computer,steaming apple cider in hand,with The Butterfly Effect playing on the TV.I am thoroughly enjoying the stillness and quiet watching the fire slowly burning,thinking how incredibly blessed I am :)
   So,I bought a scale right after Christmas,And have been working on counting calories and watching what I eat very carefully.I am on a limited diet of 1200 cal so that can be a little challenging at times.BUT....I have lost 5 pounds in the last 4 days!YAY!I joined Myfitnesspal to have friends and accountability through this journey :)