Thursday, August 30, 2012


   Its about 11 pm and all is quiet here,the girls are sleeping peacefully,Im listening to music thinking its near my bedtime so I can get up early and get a good start on Daisys school work.We are homeschooling this year so its all a little new to us but we are enjoying it ever so much,just gotta get into a routine...
   We are doing an online program through the public school system and once I get it all figured out it will be wonderful,right now we are still waiting for her books and stuff so its a slow beginning lol yes I was a little late in registering her however Im glad I found this program and they have been so sweet working with us.She has a credited teacher who calls and talks to us a few times a month and is available for questions nearly anytime.
   I can hardly believe my sweet lil girl is old enough to be starting kindergarten!Theyre getting sooo big!


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