Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back into the World of Blogging!

Hello Everyone,
   You have been greatly missed!I'm so happy to be back into the blogging world!Although I must say the break was wonderful.
   It has been a crazy summer and school for us starts on Monday morning!This is our first year of homeschooling,Daisy is in Kindergarten and Lilly preschool,we are sooo excited for this next step in our lives :)
   The girls have gotten so big,Daisy just turned 5 and Lilly is 3 1/2.they are so much fun and I adore them!
   So much has happened since I was last on here that I hardly even know where to begin!I love being single and having the freedom to enjoy life,and no I'm not out there being crazy and wild :)
   I have been trying to come up with little ways to make money to ensure the bills are being paid on time,selling a few sewing items,yard sale,etc.God has been good to us and I am extremely thankful for all He has done for us.There is always food on the table and bills always get paid,eventually lol
   I have been going thru stuff again,donating and getting rid of stuff preparing once again to move.Somewhere smaller n more affordable,not exactly something I'm looking forward to but something that must happen.
   Well,its time for me to run and finish cleaning the house so I can set up the girls school area tonight when they go to bed :)
   ((((hugs to all))))

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