Saturday, September 1, 2012

Please Pray for a Glimmer of hope

   Life seems to have its ways of going from bad to worse,I can only hope it will get better after it gets worse.Like the rainbow after the storm.I know deep down in my heart the universe wont give me more than I can handle,but at the same moment it is so overwhelming that I have thought (more than once) about giving up but something deep inside me is still fighting for a better life for me and my girls.

   As everyone on here knows I'm openly gay (I came out in Dec 2011)In May I was jumped and put in the hospital by my ex.My landlord found out I was gay and wrote me a lease violation for it.Then again she wrote me another lease violation (for being gay) for bogus things such as having to call the police to my home when my ex tried to kick the door in a few weeks ago.Well,yesterday she wrote me an eviction notice,so I am losing my housing,I have nowhere to go,nowhere to take my girls,not sure what we are going to do,however I'm trying to look up and still see the bright side of things,the bring side? Not sure what it is but I'm sure there is one somewhere,maybe its to make me become even more self reliant?maybe its to draw me n my girls even closer?
   I have a hearing with the housing officer on Friday,I am not holding my breath,hoping for the best but expecting the worst...It is with tears I ask you to please pray for us that something will work out for me n my girls.Please pray for our rainbow in the storm...
   Im not asking for this...

   Right now even this would make my day...


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