Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Beautiful,Snowy Day

  I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a wonderful New Year! I know I keep making promises to come back to blog land but now I am back for good, I promise!
 It's another beautiful, snowy day in Wyoming I'm loving this amazing weather and time with my wonderful children.
   Sipping hot caramel coffee, soft music playing, children quietly playing their Nooks, with the amazing smell of homemade potato soup simmering on the stove, life couldn't get any better, I am finally happy with where my life is. I honestly can say I love being a single parent, I wish the things that lead up to me being a single parent hadn't happened for my children's sake but through it all we have become stronger, more bonded, closer then ever and for that I am very thankful.
   So much has changed the past few years but things change over the years, some for the good, some for the worse but inevitably things are bound to change.
   Daisy went thru this really tomboy spell the past year or so where she refused to wear any girl clothes at all, I figured it was a spell and so I just let her wear what she wanted , let her pick her new clothes when she needed new clothes and found out that if they just sold more girl stuff in Ninja Turtles and superheroes then she probably would have never went that route lol but I figured out I can buy them in the boy's section a size up and adapt them to a girl's cut and style and she is totally happy, so I have a stack of shirts sitting here waiting to be adapted.
   In so many ways its been a long winter already and in other ways its flown by but it is hard to believe we are on the upside to counting down for Christmas again. As a child I remember time just couldn't go by fast enough between birthdays and Christmases but now time just needs to slow down a little I feel like my children are growing so fast that soon I won't be such a big part of their lives as they will grow more independent and begin to think more on their own and become more opinionated (if that's possible lol)
   I have a new hobby I am interested in and am in the process of getting the supplies to begin making reborn babies to sell but mostly for friends and family. So about a month or so ago I bought my first baby for myself she is Phil Donnelly's Enya prototype reborned by Silvia Creations. She is absolutely gorgeous, it has taken many years for me to actually step out and make a purchase like this because it is not cheap or an easily made decision, however as costly as she was I do not regret purchasing her at all, if this is going to be something I decide to do I want to have one baby by one of the top artists in the world. Of course this is something I have been buying for the girls for the past year and over a year they have each acquired three, so now they have quite a little nursery of babies going on, I really need to learn to root the hair so I can fix their babies and do the hair properly and seal it like it should have been all along. Some artists are only in it for the money and do not care about the quality of their work, I want to build a good name for myself not be known to bust out five babies a week that are poor quality.
   Now for a few pictures of the baby doll I bought and renamed Natawnee. She is stunning, and as you will see she looks a lot like Daisy did when Daisy was little, I think that's what made it such an easy decision for me to purchase her, now eventually I would like to find one that looks like Lilly did when she was little :) Hope you enjoy the pics :)

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