Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Update n Pics

   I am back for now, I have decided to start blogging here now that things have quieted down again. Alot has happened in the past year and I am happy to say we have come through it none the worse forwear.      
  Off and on thru the past year I have been pretty sick with my seizures and migraines, I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what is wrong and how to get well. In the past year I have been taken to the ER multiple times for my seizures and now I see a neurologist every three months and am on medications to control the seizures and have been doing better.
   I haven't been able to do much sewing or anything I have been pretty busy painting and redoing the kitchen, taking kids to and from school and trying to stay caught up on housework.
   I have a million things rolling thru my head everyday anymore and its hard not being physically capable of doing all I wish I could, but im learning my limits and learning to be happy where I am and with the things I can do.
   Im fighting a huge spiritual warfare in my soul, I cant really go into the details right now but I ask that you pray for me for deliverance, for freedom and for help in knowing what the right path to take is. Im so confused, so lost and feel so alone right now that I don't know where to go, where to turn, or who to talk to. I need spiritual guidance, I want to start going to church to find a church home where we feel welcome and fit in, somewhere my girls can find true friends and be happy.
   I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do today, I hope to be able to finish up the kitchen and sew the new tablecloth and curtains to match the new soft yellow paint I just painted the kitchen with, it has really lightened it up a lot and makes it so much brighter, happier looking and I love it.
   The girls are getting so big and I'm so proud of them and all they have come thru so well, Lilly turns 5 in January and Daisy is 6 1/2 so time has flown by so much quicker then I ever thought possible! Lilly absolutely hates having her picture taken so its super hard to get any good pics of her lately, its frustrating because she is so cute and photogenic but has a major phobia of the camera!




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