Sunday, January 1, 2012

Grandmas Funeral Part 1

   My beloved Grandmother passed away on July 27,2011.It shattered our world.She seemed perfectly healthy one day and in heaven several hours later due to a presumed heart attack.A few days later we began the long 16 hour drive to Boise Idaho for her funeral.It was a very sad time for everyone in our family and I know I wrote a small blog post about it all in August however I could not bring myself to type more than a few words because the pain was so very real.They say time heals all wounds,I disagree with this thought,time does not heals the wounds,however with time we learn ways to cope with our loss.
   My grandmother was so very loving and caring,she was a fun woman and a good mother and Grandmother.The day she passed away I received a card from her in the mail a few hours after receiving word of her death.I cried for hours,in her last card,she told us how much she loved me and the girls and that no matter what to trust in God because He will always be there for us.How true this is,she served him til the day she died,everyone was loved by Grandma,everyone was family and we will miss her forever.

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